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Coopération Bancaire pour l'Europe - GEIE - Groupement Européen d'Intérêt Economique
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The second ‘Startup Europe Week’ (6th-10th February) is a success

Thesecond Startup Europe Week (6th-10th February) is over, having had the participation of +280 co-organisers spread across 40+ countries. In fact, CBE was SEW17co-organiser and held our own event in Brussels for the initiative last week.

Why SEW?
Startup Europe Week (SEW) is an initiativewhich aims to support entrepreneurs and startups at a local and regional level. The initiative is run by a small international team , and has the support of the European Commission .

Regional diversity and local policy making still playa big role in shaping European startups. From helping entrepreneurs toincorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks, European regionsare key players. For this reason, Startup Europe Week events focus on showingentrepreneurs the support available to them in their local cities and regions.


SEW was launched in Brussels ,on 6th February, at the Microsoft Innovation Center .The launch saw many interesting speakers talk about helping startups in Europeon a local and regional level, including: Vice-President of the EuropeanCommission, Andrus Ansip and Head of Startup Europe, Isidro Laso; and Founderof SEW, Igor Tasic.

In our city of Brussels, we organized an event “Connecting theDots” for SEW on 8th February . The agenda was as follows:

15:30-15:45: Startup Europe WeekPresentation

15:45-17:00: Presentations:
· SilversquareCoworking Space
· BrusselsEcosystem, 1819, Ms Véronique Flammang
· SocialEntrepreneurship, CoopCity, Ms Candice Francescato
· Erasmusfor Young Entrepreneurs: CBE, Mr Gabriele Pesce

17:00-17:30: Q&A Session

17:30-18:30: Networking & Drink

The event“Connecting the Dots” provided an introduction to services at the disposal ofstarter organizations on behalf of public and private organisations inBrussels.

At this event,carried out in the French language, Brussels-based starters had the opportunityto inquire about and discuss the resources available to help them realiseinnovative projects with a social or for-profit mission in Brussels.
GabrielePesce, Deputy Policy Officer for CBE presented the Erasmus programme for YoungEnterpreneurs. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, launched by theEuropean Union in 2009, finance abroad working experiences for newentrepreneurs, in a foreign SME led by a professional entrepreneurs and basedin one of the 28 Member Countries or in one of the 9 extra-EU participantcountries (Albania, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro,Norway, Serbia and Turkey).

Theexperience, lasting maximum 6 months, allow the new entrepreneur to acquire theskills needed to run a small firm, while providing the host with freshperspective on his/her business and and opportunities to cooperate with foreignpartners and learn about new markets, to the extent of promoting theentrepreneurial spirit and cross-border trades.

The stage alsohosted the presentations of Silversquare Coworking Space, Brussels Ecosystemand CoopCity, Social Entrepreneurship.
“Connectingthe Dots” has been a success and gathered a great audience, mainly composed ofentrepreneurs profoundly interested in the information and advices sharedduring the event, not always so easy to be known by the general public andfuture entrepreneurs.

Overall, the #SEW17 hashtag achieved over 2million impressions during the week. It was a brilliant week which saw someexcellent events and we are already ready for #SEW18!

Useful information:
SEW Press Contact:Charlotte Tucker, charlotte@startupeuropeweek.eu
Local SEW co-organiser: Valeria Muggianu, valeria.muggianu@cbe.be