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Banca di Piacenza


Banca di Piacenza was born on June 1936 in order to foster local development. Since the beginning Banca di Piacenza was committed to valorize local resources with particular regard to valuable economic initiatives and local traditions. Over the years, Banca di piacenza never lost this presence on the territory, reaching considerable objectives. Anyway, even if the bank kept a strong local identity, it was able to expand its activity and overcome local borders.
Since several years banca di Piacenza is between the first 50 Italian banks (between more than 600 banks) as dimension and financial stability. Nowaday, the bank can count on several agencies, hundreds of employees and an increasing amount of deposit accounts and funds.
Banca di Piacenza set several initiatives to foster economic development financing initiatives in several fields. At the same time, Banca di Piacenza is strongly committed to the cultural development of its area, financing every years expositions, concerts, restorative measures, historical and cultural publications, social and sport activities.